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Welcome to my web page devoted to TV Westerns

I've got a few western links, a few western sounds, and a ton of western pictures. I update my page pretty often so ya'll come back now, ya hear?

My assorted collection of TV Western Photos

More Photos

Duke Snider:
The cast of "The Rifleman:
Micah and Lucas:
Lucas and his son Mark:
Michael Ansara from "Law Of The Plainsman":
Chuck Connors and Duke Snider:
Johnny Crawford:
Lee Van Cleef 1:
Lee Van Cleef 2:
Lee Van Cleef 3:

My TV Western Sounds

A clip from "The Rifleman":
Duke Snider's Hall Of Fame acceptance speech:
Paul Fix, TV's Micah Torrence:
Lee Van Cleef on "The Rifleman:
A song by Johnny Crawford:

Links to other TV Western Sites

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A web page for character actor Paul Fix:
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