Johnny Crawford

Johnny Crawford was born March 26, 1946. As a youngster he was selected to become a Mousketeer on Disney's "Mickey Mouse Club". This led to appearances in many television westerns including, "Wild Bill Hickok", "Wagon Train", and "The Big Valley". His most memorable work was as Mark, the son of Lucas McCain on "The Rifleman" from 1958-63. This young talent brought a very convincing dramatic portrayal to the character and had the distinction of being nominated for an Emmy Award for the role. Johnny once commented on Chuck Connors, "He was always interested in me personally, and in my career, and anxious to help me in whatever way he could. We became closer as the years went on". Johnny's career expanded as a teen singing sensation in 1962 with the Top 20 hits, "Cindy's Birthday", "Rumors", and "Your Nose Is Gonna Grow". He also appeared in some very fine feature films including, "El Dorado", "The Shootist", and with Chuck Connors in Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler IV: Luck Of The Draw". Johnny and his older brother, Robert Crawford Jr., had the opportunity to act together in a 1964 western movie titled "Indian Paint" with Jay Silverheels, known for his role as Tonto on TV's "The Lone Ranger". The movie was a story told from the Indian viewpoint of life among the plains Indians before the arrival of the white man. Johnny also had a cameo role in the country music video of "Cathy's Clown" by Reba McEntire featuring Bruce Boxleitner and other past television western actors. Today, he continues his musical interests playing "swing" as the leader of The Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra.

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